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MANITOGA / The Russel Wright Design Center ensures that the extraordinary spirit of place of Manitoga and the timeless design vision that inspired its creation are preserved and shared.

Dragon Rock:
Dragon Rock, Russel Wright’s House and Studio, is widely considered an outstanding example of Organic Modern architecture ca. 1960. Architect David Leavitt (1918-2013) is credited with the exterior design and Wright, the interior design. It was occupied by Wright and his family until his death in 1976.

Russel Wright's Studio:
The Studio was Russel Wright’s personal space where he slept and worked. It illustrates many of the recurring themes at Manitoga including an integration of the built and natural environment, the influence of Japanese design, the juxtaposition of natural and synthetic materials, and efficiency and functionality.

Over 70 years ago, Russel and Mary Wright acquired an abandoned quarry and surrounding hillside in the Lower Hudson Valley and slowly restored this land to a place of extraordinary beauty. Inspired by the legacy of the Wappinger people, the ancestral residents of the area, Wright called the emerging vision for these 75 acres “Manitoga” or Place of Great Spirit.
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