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Stone Crop Gardens


If you are seeking a quiet place that holds some of Putnam’s most beautiful plant life, Stonecrop Gardens is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only are they home to gorgeous gardens, but their knowledgeable staff can help you to house the same. While Stonecrop offers many classes and workshops all season long, you can simply walk through the grounds and take in its natural beauty.

When you’re planning your visit to the gardens, you should leave at least one hour to see everything. However, your time is not limited at Stonecrop if you choose to bring a camera and take photos. You will be given a map of each area, but if you want the full experience, sign up for a guided tour for groups of 10. Fine artists and painters are welcome; just call ahead.

Though not required, seasonal memberships are available and give you access and discounts on all that Stonecrop has to offer, including two exclusive garden parties. They keep you up-to-date and informed on a variety of plant life and events that you don’t want to miss.

After your first visit to the gardens, you’ll wish to have the same beautiful gardens at your home. Luckily, that wish can be granted. Each year, Stonecrop produces a rare seed list that not only allows you to purchase the seeds to make your garden, but it also provides you with complete descriptions and instructions. And if you prefer to get plants that have already been started, visit the sales bench to learn more about the rare selections Stonecrop can offer you.

Stonecrop Gardens is the perfect place to find beauty in a quiet, relaxing environment, whether you’re by yourself or with friends.
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